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In article the author considered key components of economic bases of development of municipal units of the Tambov region, analyzed indicators of the area of municipal units, quantity living in the territory in a section of an urban and rural population and also some socio-economic indexes, revealed municipal units with the lowest and highest values of the considered indicators, defined that in the territory of a number of municipal units of the region there is a number of investment projects most of which part directs to performance of an important national objective of food import substitution, also revealed that in municipalities of the Tambov region there is a package of measures, the budgets of all levels aimed at providing balance, improvement of quality of the budgetary planning and budget implementation, gave the indicators characterizing work of local government bodies on development of own profitable base of local budgets, established that for increase in volume of income of local budgets in municipalities of the Tambov region the commissions on increase in receipts of tax and non-tax income and repayment of a shortage in the consolidated budget of the Tambov region and state non-budgetary funds work, there is an active work on statement on the state cadastral registration of the land plots, actions for identification and statement on tax accounting of structural divisions which parent organizations are outside the Tambov region, gave the analysis of municipal units of the Tambov region by the size of the average monthly nominal charged wage of employees of large and medium-sized enterprises and non-profit organizations and also maintenance costs of local government bodies at a rate of municipalities and also gave the short characteristic of municipal units of the Tambov region with the special territorial status.


municipal units; region; economic basis of development of municipality

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