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The Neoliberal Bias of the Western Media According to the Labor Disputes Between Employers and Workers


In article the author designed to supplement domestic researches of mass communication with the political economic analysis of the events connected with covering of the conflicts by the western mass media between employers and workers – on the basis of the relevant examples connected with the recent labor disputes in France, Great Britain and the USA. The western mass media traditionally show unanimity and conveyor bias according to the labor disputes. As a rule, the leading media of the USA and EU countries support the neoliberal economic reforms worsening working conditions of workers in favor of employers and representing the mechanism of modern «class fight from above» where the capital is a subject of economic aggression against the hired staff of the enterprises – any sphere and an organizational form – both state, and private. One newspaper from the list nationwide this or that country – for example, Guardian in Great Britain or Libération in France usually becomes an exception. The class bias of the western media mainstream in the relations between workers and employers remains the major subject for the domestic scientists specializing in foreign SMQ and has serious research prospects.


Labor disputes, neoliberal bias, media management toughening, financialisation, dismissals of journalists, class fight

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Socio-Cultural Processes of the Present

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