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Improvement of Social Policy of the Organization


The fact that now, heads of the most modern organizations are interested in the solution of social problems of personnel causes the relevance of a research. For this reason, competently built social policy which bases on ef-fective use of human resources is the key to success of any enterprise. Implementation of social programs and filling of the social package including a certain set of guarantees and privileges – all this is developed according to features of activity of the employee of the organization and is created for the purpose of rendering its full social protection. Proceeding from it, this policy gives an opportunity to satisfy all arising needs of workers. Therefore, competently developed social policy of the organization can serve as the effective tool of motivation of personnel and also is considerable increase labor productivity level. Authors conducted a research of the realized social policy of PJSC «Rostelecom» and offered to use one of three approaches at improvement of interactions with labor unions within realization of social policy. The first approach bases on hierarchical structure of the organization. Filling of a compensation package depends, first of all, on a post of the worker. Advantage of this approach is competent distribution of the social privileges allowing to motivate effectively personnel of different categories. The set of privileges on grades characterizes the second approach. Therefore, the worker's grade is higher, the maintenance of its compensation package is more. Such approach promotes formation of effective motivation and advance on a career ladder. The third approach to improvement of social policy of the organization is «the principle of cafeteria». One of essential advantages of this approach, in comparison with others, is formation of a compensation package proceeding from specific needs of each employee and opportunities of the company. In the conclusion authors noted that the driving force of development of any organization characterizes the personnel. Therefore, definition of approach to improvement of social policy has to proceed from opinion of staff of the company. Then social policy of the organization where each worker is not only interested in the personal achievements, but also the company in general will effectively appear.


Social policy of the organization, social development of the organization

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Social and Economic Outlook

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