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Digital Economy of Russia: Opening Opportunities and Risks


In article authors considered the program of development in Russia of digital economy which key factor of production is data in a digital form - digital technologies act. It is possible to say that they will act as a new factor of pro-duction which has to become indispensable attribute of development of production, and, therefore, and economies of Russia. The program of digital economy includes several significant directions: standard regulation, education, staff, formation of research competences and technical reserves and also information infrastructure and information securi-ty. Authors also defined positive influence of digital economy on all spheres of life of society and revealed the risks arising during this transition. It is possible to refer creation of conditions for development of society of knowledge in the Russian Federation to the main opportunities which have to appear at the country in connection with transition to a new stage of development, increase in welfare and quality of life of citizens of our country by increase in availability and quality of the goods and services made in digital economy with use of modern digital technologies, increases in degree of knowledge and digital literacy, improvement of availability and quality of public services for citizens and also safety as within the country, and beyond its limits. However you should not forget also about risks which by all means arise at introduction something new, earlier unknown as risks have direct link with innovations. Therefore, and process of transition to the digital economy based on universal use of new digital technologies goes with risks too, basic of which are: growth of volume of expenses of the state budget and its possible deficiency, creation of a system of reliable information security in order to avoid mass fraud in the new information environment and also decrease in attention to development of the real sector of economy.


Digital economy, digital technologies, risk, innovations, electronic goods, information environment

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1. Tsifrovaya ekonomika: kak spetsialisty ponimayut etot termin [Digital economy: how do experts understand this term] // RIА Novosti. URL: 2. Ob utverzhdenii programmy «Tsifrovaya ekonomika Rossijskoj Federatsii»: rasporyazheniye Pravitel'stva RF ot 28.07.2017 g. № 1632-r [About the approval of the program «Digital economy of the Russian Federation: order of the Government of the Russian Federation on 28.07.2017 № 1632-r] // Dostup iz sprav.-pravovoj sistemy «Konsul'tant Plyus» 3. O Strategii razvitiya informatsionnogo obshchestva v Rossijskoj Federatsii na 2017-2030 gody: Ukaz Prezidenta RF ot 09.05.2017 g. № 203 [About the Development strategy of information society in the Russian Federation for 2017-2030: Decree of the Russian President on 09.05.2017 № 203] // Dostup iz sprav.-pravovoj sistemy «Konsul'tant Plyus»

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Digitalization of Economy and Management

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