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Development of the System of Electronic Service in Bank Activity


Transition of the bank sphere of Russia to an evolutionary way of development assumes formation of services of Internet banking as banking services of a new type by means of improvement of Internet-technologies. Modern Internet-technologies give an opportunity to commercial banks build a part of the services to new level, thus attracting potential clients and reducing cost of their service. Use of electronic banking gives a number of advantages. For the Russian banks introduction of effective systems of online customer service is extremely important condition of their development and increase in efficiency. In spite of the fact that electronic banking for our country is rather new technology, most domestic banks for the last few years offered the population own programs of Internet banking with a wide range of possibilities, having made huge break in this direction. It is natural that with development of electronic banking there are relevant issues of increase in effectiveness of services of this look, expansions of a range of online services in general and at the same time – ensuring individual approach to each client of bank taking into account his requirements. The scientific and methodical help in creation of approaches of ensuring quality of banking services, receptions and ways of its control and also cost efficiency of the held events is necessary for Internet banking.


Bank, banking services, bank service, Internet banking, electronic bank service, electronic banking, online services, remote service

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Digitalization of Economy and Management

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