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Transformation of Mechanisms of Interaction of the State and Subjects of Innovative Business in the Modern Russian Economy


In the article the author presented the analysis of forms and methods of the state support of small and medium business (SMB) in the Russian Federation (RF) at the present stage of development; defined that programs of support of small and medium business represents actions for formation and development of the supporting infrastructure; paid special attention to activity of Fund of the assistance to development of small forms of the enterprises in the scientific and technical sphere rendering assistance to business at early stages of implementation of innovative projects; analyzed expected results of functioning of new technological platforms regarding change of volumes of domestic production in the world markets by 2020; presented the activity of the Agencies of strategic initiatives implementing the project «National Enterprise Initiative»; revealed its role in realization of innovative potential of SMB; analyzed provisions of the Federal target program «Research and development in the priority directions of development of a scientific and technical complex for 2014-2020» which realization assumes formation of objects of innovative infrastructure with use of tools of public-private partnership; disclosed content of actions in compliance with the Strategy of innovative development of Russian Federation until 2020 and also their role ensuring forward development of the Russian economy; proved that use of provisions of potential of small and medium business acts as a necessary condition of formation of a trajectory of sustainable development of the modern state and the territorial educations which are its part.


Small and medium business, objects of innovative infrastructure, strategy of innovative development, technological platforms, forms of the state support of business, sustainable development

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Digitalization of Economy and Management

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