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The Retroanalysis of Theories of Management of Changes and Possibilities of Application of their Provisions for Transition to Innovatively Focused Development


In article the author analyzed changes treated as transition to qualitatively new level of development of an economic subject that acts as an objective prerequisite for transformation of absolute and relative advantages of the subject of managing in steady competitive potential and also for effective realization of resource potential of an economic subject in general and the labor (intellectual) potential of the certain worker. The author determined the content of alternative approaches to interpretation of management of organizational changes that allowed to allocate two directions of a research: within the first direction analysis of the content of changes, including changes of certain conditions of the organization within a concrete time interval and also the components of the organizations exposed to transformation, and quality of interrelations between them; within the second direction study of the process of changes as speed, clock with use of categories, and sequence of actions, changes of certain states, decision-making, communications, resistance to changes, etc. and also development of the resulting model. The author presented classification of strategy of changes which basis is H. Mintzberg and J. Waters's classifications and gave also characteristic of the allocated strategy. The author analyzed need of introduction of instruments of management of changes in a control system of innovative processes that the high level of uncertainty of the external environment causes.


Organizational changes, management of organizational changes, resistance to changes, retroanalysis of theories of management of changes, uncertainty of the external environment, strategy of changes

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Digitalization of Economy and Management

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