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Value of Results of Activity of the Industrial Enterprise in Ensuring Financial Stability of the Territory


Authors considered the impact of increase in financial stability of the industrial enterprises on development of the territory in which they function and noted that the city-forming industrial enterprises play an important role in economic development of both separate administrative and territorial units of the country, and the Russian economy in general. Constant observation by the management of the industrial enterprise of changes in its internal and external environment for the purpose of identification of the degree of threat to financial stability will allow to provide timely development of programs of realization and introduction of actions for ensuring stabilization and the subsequent its development. Authors presented the value of ferrous metallurgy which is that it forms a basis of development of mechanical engineering (one third of the produced metal goes to mechanical engineering), construction (the fourth part of metal goes to construction). Besides, the products of ferrous metallurgy have export value. Authors also carried out the analysis of dynamics of the taxes paid by PJSC «NLMK» to the budgetary system of the Russian Federation: the company transfers income tax, the property tax, the income tax into the regional budget. In city treasury – land tax and also income tax, besides, makes payments for use of natural resources. Authors investigated influence of PJSC «NLMK» on economic and social situation of Lipetsk. The company implemented a number of large nature protection projects in fire-resistant, agglomerative, coke-chemical and domain shops. Financing of social programs is one of priority activities of the company. PJSC «NLMK» constantly invests means in programs of support of education, health care and education of spiritual traditions. Authors separately studied the main directions of strategic development of the company. The company intends to raise further stability and efficiency of the business for compensation of negative consequences of cyclic changes of the world market of steel that has to affect its financial result and volume of tax assignments positively.


Tax payments of PJSC «NLMK», income tax, VAT, severance tax, insurance premiums, income tax, development strategy of the company

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Problems of Regional Economy Development

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