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Tolerance in the System of Spiritual Moral Values of Modern Students


Authors devoted this article to judgment of a role of tolerance in the system of spiritual and moral orientations of modern student's youth. Authors analyzed the available concepts and determination of tolerance and consider tolerance as spiritual and moral humanistic unitary universal value. The tolerance in the system of moral values, according to authors, is the center of humanistic outlook and has to be in a basis of the modern high school education broadcasting humanity ethics. The Tambov sociologists believe that in the higher education system it is necessary to enter sociocultural component which relies on knowledge of the scientific truth of the person and is a basis of a polyvaluable educational system as data of federal sociological polls still indicate relevance of a problem of intolerance (ethnophobias, migrant-phobias) in Russia. In article authors presented the conclusions of their comparative empirical researches stating prevalence in the system of spiritual and moral orientations of modern students of binary trends from pragmatic and rational to creative. As the transition period of the Russian society of the beginning of the ХХI century generates broadcast of new vital meanings and values, the institute of education, at the same time, is capable to play a special role, acting as reflection of the deep bases of spiritual and moral values of modern society, the environment and the cultural and creative sphere which doesn't only provide training of future experts with high level professional, but also communicative competences, creates necessary conditions for versatile, harmonious development of the educated personality. Authors are solidary with the P. A. Sorokin's thought - the Russian-American sociologist - that spiritual value forms a basis and the base of any culture and believe that the vector of tolerant humanity on the basis of ethics of a polyvaluable system of the relations has to become the priority direction of state policy in an education system and education.


Tolerance, value, students, education, the higher education, spirituality

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Socio-Cultural Processes of the Present

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