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Economical and Sociological Aspects in Methodology of the Research of Problems of Innovation of Spiritual Reproduction


The main objective of article is in defining and considering the relevant economical and sociological aspects which are the cornerstone of methodology of a research of a system of spiritual reproduction in the conditions of innovative type of development of modern Russia. The research bases on system approach to the analysis of problems of an innovation of the spiritual sphere of society and also on provisions of the theory of recurrence. It is possible to refer the following aspects to the main results of a research. The author considered approach spiritual reproduction from a position of system as the public system directed to use and producing cultural wealth and designed to carry out purposefully formation of a certain type of the human person. The article presented expanded spiritual reproduction in a general view as reproduction of cultural wealth, the social relations in spiritual activity of society. Innovation of process of spiritual reproduction associates with updating of spiritual reproduction, its improvement as object of management in a format of innovative economy, assuming effective organization of in-novative processes and management of knowledge. The author allocated and analyzed main elements of a system of values and proved that the system of values, the science, education, culture, on the one hand, act as a source of innovative updating (discoveries, inventions), and on the other - are its outcome, forming a new sociocultural system or the next stage in its development which base is the specific innovative cluster – set of the basic innovations in spiritual life representing a certain interval of time in concrete social and economic and sociocultural space. Exactly here there are sources of innovations, all more or less radical transformations in other spheres of activity of society. The original component of article is in that it opens the new and insufficiently studied direction in economic sociology – the innovation systems of spiritual reproduction in the conditions of cyclic and genetic regularity of its development within the concept of innovative expanded reproduction.


Innovations, post-industrial paradigm of development of society, reproduction, spiritual reproduction, innovation of spiritual reproduction, system of values, science, education, culture

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Problems of Modern Society

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