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The forms of criminal liability and their types in the context of effective realization


The effectiveness of criminal liability forms and their types is considered. Their correlation with realization of this category in the context of problems of criminal-legal theory and law enforcement practice is studied. Criminal-legal relations and effects in the mechanism of legal regulation and criminal liability realization are considered. The subject of research is the complex of theoretical and practical problems of criminal liability, its notions, basis, system of forms, types, their realization and efficiency in native criminal-legal theory, legislative and law enforcement practice. Conceptual positions of native scientists who productively and long-term studied and continue studying relevant scientific-practical problems of effective realization of criminal liability, its forms and types are analyzed. Etymology of basic notion “efficiency”, its criteria in the context of effective realization of criminal liability, its forms and their types is studied. Efficiency of criminal liability basing on the system of conditions, relating to Criminal Code of Russian Federation and realization of criminal-legal norms, depending on social-economic situation and the existing political-legal situation and state controllability is studied. Criminal liability efficiency is understood as reached positive result on criminal-legal protection of socially-useful relations in Russian Federation as a consequence of its realization. Some conclusions are made, argued proposals to the native legislator and modern law enforcers are made, aimed at changes and additions in the Criminal Code of Russian Federation.


формы уголовной ответственности и их виды; эффективность форм уголовной ответственности и их видов; реализация; forms of criminal liability and their types; efficiency of criminal liability and their types; realization







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