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The scientific and practical problems, appearing at qualification of property of another stealing, committing a theft are studied and analyzed. The most relevant problems, connected with theft qualifications, systematically appearing in law enforcement practice are considered. The correlation between giving a sentence for the committed socially dangerous action in the context of relevant problems decision of criminal-legal theory and law enforcement practice. The official position of highest court of the country - the Supreme Court of Russian Federation, in fact reflected in Decision of Plenum of Supreme Court on the amount of the crimes - property of another theft, traditionally dominating in native criminal-legal statistics. The object of research is the complex of theoretical and practical problems of right qualification of the crime - property of another theft, the notion, the basis, register of obligatory and minor features and circumstances, influencing the right criminal-legal estimation of this corpus delicti. Conceptual positions of native scientists, profitably studying the relevant scientific-practical problems of right qualification of property of another theft are analyzed. Some conclusions are made, argued proposals to the native legislator and modern law enforcers are presented. They are aimed at changes and additions of the remaining in effect Criminal Code of Russian Federation. Theoretical importance is in specification of conceptual framework, making founded suggestions on legislation correction.


rules of property of another theft qualification; problems of qualification; proposals on qualification; property of another theft; stealing; forms of criminal responsibility and their types; efficiency of criminal responsibility forms and their types; realization; giving a fair sentence for property of another theft; правила квалификации кражи чужого имущества; проблемы квалификации; предложения по квалификации; кража чужого имущества; хищения; формы уголовной ответственности и их виды; эффективность форм уголовной ответственности и их видов; реализация; назначение справедливого вида наказания за кражу чужого имущества







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