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Problem of choice of legal entity’s incorporation form of entrepreneurial business within the framework of modern Russian legislation


Thoughtful aspects of problems which the entrepreneur faces while his/her work both at the beginning of way and in current situations are considered. The reasonable activity of the entrepreneur is possible only if he/she overcomes them and it lies in right legal entity’s incorporation form of any certain activity. Legal entity’s incorporation form influences all types of activities so the most important question for the entrepreneur is to choose right form of activity. The modern state of civil legislation on this problem and different statements of corporate body’s of all legal regulations are discussed. Legal and situational difficulties which the entrepreneurs face both at the moment and will face in the future are carried out. The problems of entrepreneurial activity are not studied from the point of view of conceptual and detailed doctrine and it is supposed to be a lacking fact. If administrators of law consider the problem of minor and middle entrepreneurial sphere development within the framework of Russian State mechanism elements we can get more qualified, available and safe services and goods. To create conditions of real development and actions it is necessary to analyze all the problems of this aspect and find its origins.


изменение гражданского законодательства; предпринимательская деятельность; правовые формы коммерческой деятельности; проблемы бизнеса; civil legislation’s change; entrepreneurial activity; legal forms of business activities; business problems







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