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The conflict of liberal and conservative views of B.N. Chicherin are studied. The problem of modernization of the Russian society is in the centre of attention as well as those projects that have been proposed by Russian philosopher in the field of social and political reforming of the society and the state. Refraction of liberal views of B.N. Chicherin in concrete-historical conditions of Russia in the second half of the XIX century contributed to its conservative views, and his slogan “strong power and liberal reform” became the program of Russian modernization. In the economic field B.N. Chicherin became a supporter of the principles of non-interference of the state in the economic sphere of social life and free trade, that as a result largely reduced the quality of his proposed measures to modernize the state. In the political sphere B.N. Chicherin offered the only possible way of reforming government at the time: a constitutional monarchy and a bicameral Parliament with advisory legislative functions. In the sphere of reforming of Russian society the philosopher was a realist who understands the misfit of the kind of society and its claims to the authorities; so he insisted that the transition to the ideal of Russian civil society is ahead, but now the society has to rally round its authorities and help to implement reforms that necessary for the state.


B.N. Chicherin; liberalism; conservatism; free trade; civil society; state

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