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In preschool period the development of moral consciousness, becoming of moral self-regulation of behavior, development of moral feelings occur. The aimed work with children of preschool age developing moral-ethical qualities of personality is very important. Subject-role game reproduces the activity of adults and relations between them. In this game more intensively form all mental qualities and peculiarities of child’s personality. The game influences mental development of preschool child, becomes the support for cognition. The game promotes the development of decentration - the most important mental ability of a person. Role game occurs in imaginary situation. This promotes creative imagination, development of creative abilities. The game helps to organize friendly group, to develop friendly feelings among their comrades, organization skills. The games often reflect labour. In this free of compulsion activity the child learns how to control his behavior and regulate it. The obedience to rules gives the child maximum pleasure. The research was carried out in kindergarten. The data, according to which we could trace the dynamics of positive changes in mental sphere were received. The grade of understanding moral norms has increased.


preschool children; game activity; subject-role game; moral norms; game program; psychological-pedagogic accompaniment

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Personality and its interactions

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