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The history of the development of Russian sociology of youth as a distinct trend in the sociology describes is studied. The experience of the first psychologists and educators, as well as subsequent sociological research on the understanding and analysis of the problems of young people in Russia is summarized. Social scientists specializing in the study of youth problems traditionally gravitate to one of the three main research areas: anthropological (social and psychological), structural and functional or culturological. The integration trend emerged as a synthesis of different combinations of these three. The development of youth issues in the Russian science 70-90-s associated with the general practice of empirical research in the area of values and value systems. A detailed list of the names of Russian sociologists who have made contribution to the development of new scientific disciplines, systematically revealing the essence of the younger generation features, complex and contradictory processes of “growing up” is given.


juvenology; values; value orientation; sociology of youth; youth

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Section of issue

Questions of theory and methodology

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