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The peculiarities of Internet advertising and its perception by different generations are considered. It is founded that the Internet as advertising channel is used for display of advertisements of the Web-sites; attraction of Web-sites visitors by using ad banners; social networks’ traffic; search of consumers of goods and services among the Internet auditory and proposing one or another good/service. The perception of advertisements by Internet generations X, Y, Z is considered. The characteristics of these generations are given. Thus generation X pays a lot of attention to watching the advertisements and does not trust it not depending on the source. Estimating the representative of generation Y we can say that they pay attention to beautiful advertisements and to the well-known brands. This generation knows the ropes due to the involvement into the Internet sphere. Only quality advertisements can attract them. Generation Z or centennial is a generation born in the epoch of the Internet. Generation Z does not divide the world into digital and real. Their life is directly connected with the smart phones and they have good immune system to advertising. In the conclusion different approaches of perception to advertisement are given.


advertising in the Internet; generation X, generation Y, generation Z; smart phone; interface

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