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Tendencies of Russian higher education development


The problems of educational process in modern Russia, the role of education as a part of general national strategy development are considered. At the result of complex research of educational services market in Russia, carried out by the fund “Centre of strategy development “North-West”, six stable and marked tendencies of development of Russian higher education are revealed. They are: massification of higher education; growth of fee-based education; transit to “flexible” specialities, internationalization; the new forms of education appearance; the change in educational technologies. The tendencies of massification of higher education and growth of fee-based education are considered. The comparative analysis of statistic data in 1993 and 2015 according to the amount of students, having education in higher educational institutions are considered in detail. The data on the amount of higher educational institutions both state and non-state are analyzed. According to the results of analysis, the conclusions are made.


continuing education; massification of higher education; internationalization; “flexible” specialities

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1. Galushkina M., Knyaginin V. Massovoe, gibkoe i internatsional'noe [Mass, flexible and international]. Available at:›files/csr/ file_category (accessed 07.03.2016). 2. Rossiya v tsifrakh-2015 [Russia in numbers-2015]. Moscow, Rosstat Publ., 2015. 543 p. (In Russian). 3. Semenov A.A., Gurtov V.A. Prognozirovanie chislennosti studentov v vuzakh Rossii [The prediction of students' quantity in institutes of higher education in Russia]. Vysshee obrazovanie v Rossii – Higher Education in Russia, 2010, no. 6. (In Russian). 4. Minobrnauki ob"yavilo voynu slabym vuzam [Ministry of Education and Science declares war against weak universities]. Kommersant" [Kommersant daily], 2015, 27 March. (In Russian).



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Philosophy and sociology of education

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