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Now influence of a stress on educational behaviour of students is defined by existence of the stress-producing factors in the student’s environment, such as educational and examination period, social adaptation, need for personal self-determination for future professional environment, high level of academic loads. Student’s life for some students is associated with student’s societies, communication with interesting people, various actions and fun. For others this is serious testing, change in life to which difficult life situation is necessary to adapt. Students are young and face different problems, new conditions of training demand from them more independence, responsibility, self-organization and not all students are ready to the solution of numerous problems and tasks which are provided by life. Anyway training in a higher educational institution is a stress for many students. The student needs to overcome difficulties, to master new roles and to modify old, to adapt to new conditions of activity. The reasons and influence of a stress on students, ways of overcoming a stress, and also the recommendation how to avoid developing of a stress are considered. Also sexual distinction of influence of a stress on educational behaviour of students is studied.


stress; educational behaviour; students

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