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The topic “Notion and types of corporate culture” may not seem noteworthy to many people. Nevertheless, more and more organizations are trying to find the way to increase their effectiveness. They need human resources managers who know exactly how to establish cooperation in a team and with administration. Employees’ aims are not always in line with those of employers’; but they are all in the same boat and people should try to understand their colleagues. We are particularly interested in personnel training. The insights with a view to sharing experience with colleagues are presented. The purpose of the present study is to define the notion and types of corporate culture. Theoretical basis for the research includes works of foreign and Russian authors, sociologists and human resources managers. The content of corporate and organizational cultures is analysed. It is a proved fact that the level of corporate culture is an indicator of the company’s success. The view that corporate and organizational cultures are identical categories is substantiated. In this study, a company is considered not only as a reduced model of society, but also as a large-scale entity. The identity of an employee is the central point of corporate culture, which is reflected in mission, values, norms and rules of conduct. Effective personnel management is about strong employee involvement in corporate culture.


Denison Consulting; corporate culture; organizational culture; industrial society; post-industrial society; corporation; rationalization; E. Schein; T.Y. Bazarov; E.A. Kapitonov; R. Dahrendorf; V. Pareto; N. Luhmann; R. Michels; F. Ferrarorti; H.K.B. von Moltke; K. Cameron; R. Quinn; D. Denison; Cameron-Quinn model; Schein model; Denison model; Denison Consulting

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Socio-cultural problems of the modern world

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