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The basic historical changes in moral values in Russian medicine in the XIX-XX centuries based on the analysis of artistic works of authors of the time are discussed. Structural basis of bioethical principles and norms of methodological framework of moral regulation in medicine are, first and foremost, of the highest moral values. If we consider the moral principles within medical science, the question whether there are differences between the moral values of society and medicine, and why is this phrase used in different industries, causes a difficulty, arises. This is often due to social changes or root fractures of collective consciousness, with its own disappointments, or changes in their views, but, above all, in the complexity and ambiguity of the question about the meaning and purpose of human life. The problem of meaning of life and death found a broad reflection in the texts of different genres: fiction, poetry, and academic philosophy, and religious works, and of free speculation. The modern world with its achievements in the fields of engineering, science and medicine, as a rapidly developing interdisciplinary research of the animal world, widely introduced the latest scientific and biomedical technologies, applied genetic engineering practices, etc., makes these questions sound different and expands the problem field of biomedical ethics.


medicine; journalism; moral values; axiology; bioethics

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