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In the last decades of the twentieth century there have been qualitative changes in medicine. Indisputable is the fact that health in modern Russian society is becoming one of the branches of social and economic economy. People have an alternative choice, with regards to medical care, paid or free. In the realities of modern society, high-quality, comfortable and timely medical care is in demand. In this regard, the study of the development of the market of medical services is of particular relevance. Also, paid medical services are considered to be an actual component of the work of almost all institutions functioning in the healthcare sphere. The growing consumer demand for paid medical services determines the need to research the market of commercial medicine. The purpose of the study was to identify the features of the regional market of medical services and in particular consumer preferences of the population of Kursk in the market of paid medical services. The method of collecting information was chosen as the method of questioning. In the course of the study, it was found out that the market of medical services in the Kursk region is characterized by a competition between private medical centers that provide medical assistance for money and state institutions involved in the implementation of the territorial program of state guarantees for free medical care to citizens. During the questionnaire survey it was revealed that the majority of the respondents surveyed are referred to the paid medical services positively, believe that paid medical services are different from free medical services, and the quality and speed of service are the main reasons prompting the population to apply to paid medicine.


regional market; medical services market; healthcare; private medicine; medical care; consumption

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