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In the modern world, the ability to behave with people properly is one of the most important factors in determining the chances of success in business, professional or entrepreneurial activities. Thus, the concept of “business culture” implies certain rules of behavior in the sphere of business activity, corporate traditions and customs, work ethics and standards. Business culture is the ability to communicate, including business situations, produced by generations of people. Business culture offers norms and values of labour exchange activities, and also includes “specific forms and methods of interaction of people in solving business issues”, which include strategies and tactics to achieve business objectives, methods of persuasion and influence. The concept of “business culture” as an important aspect of the morality of professional conduct, business person, businessman, employee of the organization is considered. The influence of business culture on the organization is enormous because the success of any company largely depends on the ability of its employees, on their ability to work together towards a common goal. Etiquette, culture and behavior are key conditions for the success of any organization.


culture; business culture; organizational culture; morality; ethics

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