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Development of business culture in modern society is very important. The special attention is required to itself by consideration of the main components of this culture. All structure depends on prevalence of this or that component. Special attention is paid to such component as success. To be successful means to be a sample for others. Relevance of the study is that successful people set before themselves definite and accurate purposes, and try to obtain them despite everything. Therefore it is never impossible to be satisfied with what has already been achieved, it is necessary to grow and develop constantly. A research to allocate with the purpose the main components of business culture and to show how success in development of the company and business culture in general is important is carried out. It is proved that the successful leader is at the helm of the mighty and strong company in which strong people work. From that as himself positioned by the leader, such spirit also will reign in the company. It is possible to draw a conclusion that success of the company is directly connected with the leader. The leader determines values which are inherent in the company. The higher values are, the higher the success of the company is. And success of the separate companies defines all essence of modern business culture.


culture; society; business culture; success; business sphere; leader

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