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Children’s university as an instrument of early career guidance


The current issues of the contradictions of career guidance of schoolchildren according to changes in higher education sphere, transformations in the labour market etc. are discussed. Both schools and universities have an interest in mobilizing an applicants contingent and take part in students’ career guidance. At the same time career guidance should be understood in the context of individual socialization, and only after that from the point of view of providing student intake. Experts agree that career guidance should begin at the pre-school level, and in the future accompany students during the entire period of study at school. The question of early career guidance has already been raised at the Federal level. President of the Russian Federation V.V. Putin instructed to develop the project “Ticket to the future”, the launch of which is scheduled for the second half of 2018. As an instrument of early career guidance we consider the model of a Children's University, which is already being implemented in various formats in Russia and abroad. We show the experience of implementing the model of Children's University in different countries, describe the project “KIDS University”, implemented in Tambov State University named after G.R. Derzhavin.


University; career guidance; professional self-determination; early career guidance; Children's University

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Philosophy and sociology of education

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