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The attempt of complex description of toponymic unit Caucasus in synchrony and diachrony is made taking into consideration the history of its making, consideration of toponym Caucasus in lexico-semantic aspect (with elements of historical comments). All these factors let reveal toponymic universal and unique elements, established by the complexity and peculiarity of cultural-historic development of this region of Russia. While giving the characteristics of modern state of linguistic and cognitive research a basic problem is orientation on the role which is given to toponymic units in conceptualization and categorization of the reality. The ways of concept Caucasus representation are revealed in individual-author discourse basing on the prose of G.L. Nemchenko, that let explicit the knowledge and ideas of author about Caucasus and reflects mental peculiarities of the author as language personality - the bearer of Russian culture. Representing national color being a characteristic feature for Caucasian peoples, G.L. Nemchenko uses Caucasian exotic vocabulary, including common names and proper names. Two categories of onyms are considered: antroponyms, which include real and not real onyms and toponyms which include choronyms, oykonyms, oronyms and hydronyms. The poly functionalism of proper names in works of the writer is founded. Firstly, they reflect cultural heritage of Caucasian peoples: specifics of every ethnos on the one hand and their spiritual unity on the other. Secondly, they represent the important process of ethnic language and ethnic cultural contact in the conditions of modern world. Thirdly, they are expressive mean of ideas of the writer. The cognition of the lexical unit Caucasus basing on the material of onomastic space of G.L. Nemchenko prose let reveal and compare the peculiarities of the image of Caucasus perception on Russian society and author’s consciousness.


concept; toponyms; antroponyms; individual and author’s style; dialogue of cultures

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