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County and district executive committees in Tambov province in 1917


The article is devoted to understanding the important subjects, nature and characteristics of the development of the revolutionary process in the Tambov province. The article examines the features of the formation and functioning of the executive committees of the public in the Tambov province. These were new local governments, which were formed in the early months of the 1917 revolution. In their structure had extensive democratic elements, they do not adhere to any third-party programs and political movements. Despite this, the Committee shall make a significant impact on the social life of the province, enjoyed the support of the local population. Formation of Committees "below" on a coalition basis allows a broader look at the problem of power in the period of peaceful development of the revolution. The author describes in detail the size, composition, characteristics of the county and township committees in 1917, particularly the struggle for power within the committee in the spring and summer of 1917. Particular attention is paid to the relationship of the local population to create, spontaneous formation, the gradual extinction of the public interest in the activities of the committees. Research sources materials were stored in the Russian State Historical Archive, the State Archive of the Tambov region, newspaper publishing in 1917.


public executive committees, revolution of 1917, power, government, political struggle

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