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Features of development of professional competencies of future lawyers


The need for effective preparation for future professional activities of lawyers in a rapidly evolving society and its legal system directs the efforts of researchers to study the problems of the development of professional competencies of future lawyers in accordance with the needs of today. The research results indicate that the level of professional legal training of university graduates do not fully meet the social order. The students, future lawyers observed lack of knowledge to the organization and planning, solving legal problems of doing business conversations, weak skills formedness simulate its position to establish and maintain interpersonal business contacts. The greatest difficulties are a significant part of the law students experience in the practical application of the knowledge gained. A brief overview of the professional activities of lawyers, professional competencies classification and analysis of their development is highlighted. The ways of formation of professional competence of future lawyers are offered.


professional activity; professional competence; self-assessment of professional competencies of lawyer

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Pedagogy of higher school

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