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Haordic product quality control as panacea of productivity sustainable development of the flexible enterprise


In article processes of observation of the flexible enterprise which are put in processes and procedures of positioning of the enterprise in a turbo to the institutional market environment through formation of mission, vision and the credos of the enterprise complementing caused by mission, vision and credo of the integrated market of quality of production are analyzed. It is established that influence of processes of observation of the flexible enterprise amplify in the integrated quality management system through concepts of system of terms of a condition of functioning of the enterprise. The emergent of the flexible enterprise is formed at the expense of own characteristics of quality of a state and functioning of subsystems of system of the enterprise fundamentally fixed and legalized by the concept “6M”. It is expedient to determine degree of flexibility of the enterprise by number of flexible communications at a steady state and functioning of the flexible enterprise on the long economic horizon of evolution. Innovative production incorporates the intellectual capital of the flexible enterprise that it distinguishes on quality from production of competitors. For this purpose in practice the flexible enterprise widely uses processes and procedures of a benchmarking and processes and procedures of competitive investigation. Adaptability of the flexible enterprise is based on the principle of adaptation. Accuracy, reliability and speed as own characteristics of quality of a state and functioning of the flexible enterprise are identified through models of development of the enterprise and model of quality of production. As models of quality of a condition of functioning of system and subsystems of the flexible enterprise and quality of production are stored in structure of mathematical modeling of the extreme multi-purpose and multi-channel regulator as reference samples, on procedures of a self-assessment check adequacy of models.


quality management; sustainable development; productivity; flexible industrial enterprise

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Problems and prospects of development of modern economics

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