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Economic characteristics of economic systems of large estates at micro level (Novo-Pokrovskoye estate of Orlov-Davydovs and Rakityanskoye estate of Yusupovs)


The economic characteristics of the economic complex of large estates at the micro level are considered. The object of the investigation was the Novo-Pokrovskoye estate of Orlov-Davydovs in the Tambov province and the Yusupovs’ Rakityanskoye estate in Kursk province. It was found that, despite the increase in value of the land, the owners of the estates did not sell their property, and positioned it as a major source of industrial activity. We have examined the dynamics of crops of major crops Novo-Pokrovskoye estate. Reduction of cultivation of almost all crops and increase crop culture of sugar beet associated with agricultural specialization of the economy and growing the most profitable crops. However, for the entire study period yield a tithe only decreased. In our opinion, the causes of unprofitability are hidden in the cost of production intensification. In the early twentieth century, the cost of 1 acres of land from 1901 to 1912 rose by 169 %. Incurred costs paid from the profits of the estate, lowered yields tithing land area. Comparison of the New Intercession with the rest of the family estates showed that ownership was the only one practiced intensive forms of land use. Apparently, the landlord chose not to invest in all of the estate, but only in one or two, the socio-economic dynamics that contributed to the production of high profits. These peculiarities of economic development Rakityanskoye name indicates that its owner skillfully combined developmental and the capitalist economic system. Features of economic development Rakityanskoye estates show that its owner skillfully combined the developmental and the capitalist economic system is identified. The local economy is built with active use. Even in the early twentieth century in Rakitnoe people preferred to use the tools and apply the peasant mining.


Novo-Pokrovskoye estate; Rakityanskoye estate; agriculture; peasants and landowners

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