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Russian innovation achievements on example of Titan Valley and Fund “Skolkovo”


The contemporary actions of Russia in innovation sphere using the example of the two biggest innovation clusters – Titanium Valley and “Skolkovo” – is considered. The peculiarity of Russian practices is that both projects are based on the partnership between state-owned and private companies. The main role in investing process plays state budget as well as giant private high-tech companies. The main objective of these projects lies in engaging huge global and local investors and technology providers, as well as developing of research and development process and commercialization of the results. The main feature of both projects is the uniqueness in terms of global business. Foreign investors seek the opportunity to develop new technologies and raising the level of own competitiveness. All these opportunitites of these clusters are also available for domestic companies.


innovation clusters; Titanium Valley; Skolkovo; partnership between state-owned and private companies.

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Problems and prospects of development of modern economics

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