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Indicative planning as promising tool in development controlling of socio-economic systems at regional level


An assessment of trends in the development and considered the concept of indicative planning and its use in the design of development socio-economic systems is considered. A comparative analysis of the introduction of indicative planning in the framework of international experience and practical application of this approach in the strategic development planning, as the state as a whole, and the development of integrated solutions at the regional level. The study considered the potential directions of development of theoretical and methodological basis for the introduction of indicative planning at the regional level, taking into account the multistage system of setting goals and objectives for the short, long and medium term, as well as using the framework of this concept the methodology of foresight. The main benchmark indices to evaluate and comprehensive monitoring of implementation set out in the planning process goals and objectives are described.


indicative planning; benchmarks; foresight; strategic planning; socio-economic systems management

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Problems and prospects of development of modern economics

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