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Systemic diversification of continuing education as modernization factor in Russian social-economic system


The questions of an actualization in the system of steady education in modern conditions were covered. General theoretical reasons of steady education and methodological elements within the scope of educational process are analyzed. An accent is made on one of the most major development sign of the country, economics and politics is a level of education as the main component in well-being of the person. The main goals of a reformation in steady education, present scientific approaches in this issue and also the main point of the term “steady education”, which shows the spectrality and the diversity of this phenomenon, are shown. There is also a range of approaches that shows different meanings and components. The main goal to achieve is a development of a personality, when the steady development is considered as a mechanism to enlarge the psychological opportunities that can be a complex of methods and processes for self-realization and satisfaction of cognitive and spiritual needs; development of abilities, skills and a potential. The levels of reformation in a steady education are analyzed. They are contextual, didactical, structural, administrative, juristic and economical. Also the mechanisms of that process are covered in this work. It is proved that a process of systemic diversification of a steady education can have positive dynamic with some requirements. Realization of those requirements may create conditions where a qualitative education will have an impact on the well-being of people, will keep social stability and will be a guarantee of the social-cultural development of the country.


system of continuing education; diversification; humanisation of personality; mechanisms of a diversification; modernization

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Experience of organization of modern education

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