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Educational design as a way to encourage socialization of students


Project activities seniors and freshmen are considered as effective for the overall development and the required competencies of, and training. Society has high expectations for teachers transition to active methods of education that meet the needs of seniors age and freshmen. Educational standards require high school student, the student's mastery of complex competence involving its active self-change and development in the direction of social inquiry. Design technology (method), as a system of integrated procedures in the educational process, including many well-known methods and techniques of active learning, project method, dipping method, methods of data collection and processing, research and problem methods, analysis, and reference literature, content analysis, search experiment, experimental work, generalization of the results, discussion, business and role-playing games, and others. The project activity solves complex integrated tasks, focusing on the overall development of students, and in particular – their creativity abilities, skills and actions. The design is associated with the problematization and research that enhances the impact on the personality of the learner. This activity corresponds to the age and interests of the student and the student's freshman.


design; research; pupils; students; socialization; training; competence

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Section of issue

Problems of youth’s socialization in modern world

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