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Stages of correction of individual style of pedagogical activity of teachers in the context of development of critical thinking of students


The necessity of identifying the relationship between the individual style of teaching activities of the university teacher (ISPA) and its impact on the level of development of critical thinking of students is considered. We prove that the teaching style, which uses a teacher, can both promote and inhibit the mutual development of critical thinking individual teachers and students. 6 typical style of the teacher in the context of the problem are identified and characterized such as manipulator, buddy, artist, interviewee, experts and partners. The steps which a correction of his style should undergo teacher to influence ISPA on the development of critical thinking of students was not only positive, but also effective is considered. As the stages of development of self-regulatory ISPA of teacher as a subject of activity self-awareness and self-determination self-fulfillment are marked. Self-consciousness implies not only a knowledge of the structural features of the existing teacher ISPA, but awareness of its negative aspects in the context of the development of critical thinking of students, as manifested in the professional activities and hampering the further development of individual style, taking into account the changing internal and external conditions. An indispensable condition for the objectivity of self-realization is self-esteem, which is provided on the basis of self-critical attitude of the teacher to his achievements and not-sufficiency. Stage determination is regarded as self-awareness based on previous ISPA and possible internal and external environment of choice teacher of such a trajectory of self-regulated ISPA, the implementation of which will most effectively realize their own potential in the development of students' critical thinking and the use of their individual styles. Self-realization is the process of implementing the chosen path, most effectively realized in a given time interval teachers capacity and capabilities of the environment in the context of the development of critical thinking of students.


critical thinking; individual style of activity; teacher of high school; student; stage of development of style; self-awareness; self-determination; self-fulfillment; self-regulation; individual cognitive styles

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Pedagogy of higher school

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