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Concept of single-industry towns’ development as strategic resource of geobranding in Russia


The article is devoted to explore the development of single-industry towns in Russia. The urgency of this problem is increased since the last financial crisis, and is in a zone of active attention of the Government. Conducted a global study to identify the most cost-effective and resource-intensive approaches to overcome the critical mass of single-industry towns in Russia. The purpose of the study is to find the optimal and system solutions in the field of urban development with single-industry positioning. The main research methods include deductive-inductive, analysis and synthesis, as well as other complex, adequate subject matter: a theoretical analysis, documentary research, systemic, structural-functional and strategic analysis. The effective tool for the development of the concept of single-industry towns is a concept of geobranding. The formation of the brand company towns may be, firstly, by identifying core competencies and strengthen it and, secondly, on the basis of the establishment and development of the basic conditions. In addition, these methods can also be combined with the most preferred features that combine the main advantages of the city brand.


one-industry town; strategy development; brand geobranding; public-private partnership; competitiveness of single-industry towns

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