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The image of the Mother of God in modern iconography on the example of Tambov iconography


The historical aspects of the development of the image of the Holy Mother of God, from the first images to the appearance of the iconographic canon, are examined. Iconographic examples of the development of the image of the Mother of God in different historical periods are presented. The axiological essence of the image of the Theotokos in modern times is defined. The stages of development of the Tambov iconographers’ association “To the Light” are described. Some of their exhibition projects are listed. Some of the icons of the Mother of God, participating in the 2022 exhibition “The zealous intercessor of the Christian kind” are described. It was concluded that any icon of the Theotokos has a special context, which the viewer must be able to read. This ability does not come instantly, requiring a long experience in studying the basics of iconography and a considerable amount of visual experience, which can be developed at similar exhibitions.


Iconography, iconic original, iconicity, icon of the Blessed Virgin Mary, exhibition project, association of iconographers, iconographic canon, levkas, gold leaf, egg tempera

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1. Kondakov N.P. Ikonografiya Bogomateri. T. 1 [The Iconography of the Mother of God]. Kyiv, St. Leo the Pope Publ. House, 2009, vol. 1, 384 p. (In Russian). 2. Uspenskiy L.A. Bogosloviye ikony pravoslavnoy tserkvi [The Theology of the Orthodox Church Icon]. Moscow, DAR Publ., 2007, 480 p. (In Russian). 3. Nikolskiy M.V. Kul’turfilosofskiy analiz ikonografii obraza imenuyemyy Bogoroditsa «Tambovskaya» [Cultural and philosophic analysis of the iconography of the image called the “Tambov” Mother of God]. Sotsial’no-ekonomicheskiye yavleniya i protsessy – Social-Economic Phenomena and Processes, 2013, no. 1, pp. 285-295. (In Russian). 4. Nikolskiy M.V., Mamontova P.A. (authors of the introductory article) Zastupnitsa userdnaya roda khristianskogo. Sovremennaya pravoslavnaya ikonopis’. Khramovoye iskusstvo. Katalog vystavki [Modern Orthodox iconography. Church art. Exhibition Catalogue]. Tambov, 2022, 22 p. (In Russian).



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Art history and cultural studies

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