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Peculiarities of studying phraseological expressions about money in Russian, French and English


A comparative analysis of different types of phraseological units about money in English, French and Russian is conducted. An example of the analysis of frequency of use and correspondence to the specified meaning of the full phraseological equivalents with the help of language corpora is given. The conclusion about the necessity of studying this type of phraseological units for the most complete mastery of the competences of the studied language is made. The division of phraseological units about money into three types: full phraseological equivalents, partial phraseological equivalents and phraseological analogues is substantiated; the features of the origin and use of each type are characterized. The results of the work can be used for learning lexical competences in teaching foreign languages in a comparative aspect, as well as for further research with the help of language corpora base in the field of comparative linguoculturology.


teaching a foreign language, phraseological units, comparative linguistics, English, French, Russian

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1. Kuznetsova E.P. Metodicheskiy aspekt obucheniya frazeologizmam na uroke angliyskogo yazyka [The methodical aspect of teaching phraseological units in the English class]. Sbornik trudov konferentsii «Yazyk, kul’tura, tekst: kontrastivnyy analiz» [Proceedings of the Conference “Language, Culture, and Text: A Contrastive Analysis”]. Slavyansk-na-Kubani, 2015, pp. 199-204. (In Russian). 2. Arsentyeva E.F. Sopostavitel’nyy analiz frazeologicheskikh edinits: (Na materiale frazeologicheskikh edinits, semanticheski oriyentirovannykh na cheloveka v angliyskom i russkom yazykakh) [Comparative Analysis of Phraseological Units: (On the Material of Person-Oriented Phraseological Units in English and Russian)]. Kazan, Kazan Federal University Publ., 1989, 123 p. (In Russian). 3. Melerovich A.M., Mokiyenko V.M. Frazeologizmy v russkoy rechi [Phraseological expressions in Russian speech]. Moscow, AST, Astrel’ Publ., 2001, 855 p. (In Russian).



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