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Sociological methods of control of the development of intercultural competence of students


In the work the following sociological methods of collecting information are reviewed: a) observation; b) questioning; c) survey; d) interview from the perspective of teaching a foreign language. Their analysis is carried out, a number of advantages and disadvantages are identified. The interview method showed itself as the most difficult, but at the same time, the most effective of all the listed methods.


intercultural competence, foreign language teaching methods, observation, questionnaires, surveys, interviews

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1. Pluzhnik I.L. Osnovnyye komponenty modelirovaniya protsessa formirovaniya inoyazychnoy mezhkul’turnoy kommunikativnoy kompetentsii v vuzovskom gumanitarnom obrazovanii [The main components of modeling the process of forming foreign language intercultural communicative competence in higher education in the humanities]. Pedagogicheskoye obrazovaniye v Rossii – Pedagogical Education in Russia, 2016, no. 12, pp. 225-230. (In Russian). 2. Baryshnikov N.V., Bernshteyn V.L. Formirovaniye professional’noy kommunikativnoy mezhkul’turnoy kompetentsii: obobshcheniye opyta, poisk metodicheskikh resheniy [Development of professional communicative intercultural competence: generalization of experience, search for methodological solutions]. Yazyk i kul’tura [Language and Culture], 2018, no. 43, pp. 136-147. Russian). 3. Elizarova G.V Kul’tura i obucheniye inostrannym yazykam [Culture and teaching foreign languages]. St. Petersburg, KARO Publ., 2005, 352 p. (In Russian). 4. Byram M. Teaching and assessing intercultural communicative competence. Clevedon, Multilingual Matters, 1997, 124 p. 5. Sysoyev P.V. Peresmatrivaya konstrukt mezhkul’turnoy kompetentsii: obucheniye mezhkul’turnomu vzaimodeystviyu v usloviyakh «dialoga kul’tur» i «ne-dialoga kul’tur» [Revising the construct of intercultural competence: teaching intercultural interaction in the conditions of “dialogue of cultures” and “non-dialogue of cultures”]. Yazyk i kul’tura [Language and Culture], 2018, no. 43, pp. 261-281. DOI: (In Russian). 6. Sysoyev P.V. Osnovnyye polozheniya kommunikativno-etnograficheskogo pod-khoda k obucheniyu inostrannomu yazyku i kul’ture [The main provisions of the communicative-ethnographic approach to teaching foreign language and culture]. Yazyk i kul’tura [Language and Culture], 2014, no. 4 (28), pp. 184-202. (In Russian).



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Pedagogy and psychology

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