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Differentiation of administrative and criminal responsibility for offenses related to environmental pollution


The concept of responsibility for offenses committed in the field of environmental protection is considered. The important question of differentiation of criminal and administrative responsibility for these violations of the law, criteria and practical application of these types of responsibility in the Russian Federation, as well as in the Tambov region is raised. It is concluded that the establishment of less strict administrative responsibility for violation of the law in terms of environmental pollution and the need for greater severity in resolving disputes arising on this issue, which can serve as a starting point in improving the environmental situation.


environmental pollution, offenses, environmental protection, criminal responsibility, administrative responsibility

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1. Rudenko A.V. Yuridicheskaya otvetstvennost’ za ekologicheskiye pravonarusheniya [Legal responsibility for environmental offenses]. Innovatsionnaya nauka – Innovative Science, 2018, no. 12, pp. 131-134. (In Russian). 2. Brinchuk M.M. Ekologicheskoye pravo [Environmental Law]. Moscow, YUR-IST” Publ., 2017, 288 p. (In Russian). 3. Bogolyubov S.A. Osnovy ekologicheskogo prava. Praktikum [Fundamentals of Environmental Law. Practicum]. Moscow, Yurayt Publ., 2017, 258 p. (In Russian).



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