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Guarantee of protection of labor rights of women in Russia


The analysis of statistical data indicating a higher level of unemployment among women aged 20–40 years, in comparison with men. The provisions of legislative acts, materials of law enforcement practice, fixing the legal protection of women's labor rights are given. The conclusion is made about the need to intensify joint efforts of civil society and the state in achieving better working conditions for both pregnant women, persons with family responsibilities, and for citizens in general.


labor rights of women, guarantee of labor rights of women, social state

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1. Ospichev I.M. Zashchita trudovykh prav zhenshchin [Protection of women’s labour rights]. Sovremennaya nauka: aktual’nyye problemy teorii i praktiki. Seriya: ekonomika i pravo – Modern Science: Actual Problems of Theory and Practice. Series of Economics and Law, 2020, no. 20, pp. 176-178. (In Russian). 2. Khamzina A.Z. Problema diskriminatsii zhenshchin v trudovykh otnosheniyakh [The problem of discrimination against women in labor relations]. Materialy Mezhdunarodnoy nauchnoy konferentsii «20 Yubileynyye tsarskosel’skiye chteniya» [Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference “The 20th Anniversary Tsarskoye Selo Readings”]. St. Petersburg, 2016, pp. 116-120. (In Russian). 3. Tagarov B.Z. Ekonomicheskiye prichiny gendernogo neravenstva na rynke truda [Economic causes of gender inequality in the labour market]. Ekonomika truda – Russian Journal of Labor Economics, 2020, no. 7 (1), pp. 15-26. (In Russian).



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