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Comparative legal analysis of anti-corruption measures in the civil service in Russia and abroad


The measures taken by the competent organs to combat corruption in public authorities in the Russian Federation and in foreign countries are considered. The countries most resistant to the perception of corruption were selected based on the Transparency International rating. It is an international non-governmental organization that annually draws up a rating based on expert surveys. The most significant measures that can be borrowed from foreign practice and integrated into Russian reality are identified.


corruption, causes of corruption, anti-corruption measures, bribe, giving a bribe, taking a bribe

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1. Kremyanskaya E.A. Organizatsiya bor’by s korruptsiyey v zarubezhnykh stra-nakh: opyt SShA i Velikobritanii [Fighting corruption in foreign countries: the USA and the UK experience]. Pravo i upravleniye. XXI vek – Journal of Law and Administration, 2013, no. 3 (28), pp. 24-31. (In Russian). 2. Kuznetsova O.A. Zarubezhnyy opyt bor’by s korruptsiyey: problemy i effektiv-nost’ [Foreign experience in corruption struggle: problems and efficiency]. Vest-nik Tambovskogo universiteta. Seriya: Gumanitarnyye nauki – Tambov University Review. Series: Humanities, 2014, no. 2 (130), pp. 195-197. (In Russian). 3. Vlasenko M.A. Politiko-pravovyye aspekty protivodeystviya korruptsii v Rossii [Political and legal aspects of countering corruption in Russia]. Kaspiyskiy re-gion: politika, ekonomika, kul’tura – The Caspian Region. Politics, Economics, Culture, 2010, no. 1 (22), pp. 66-72. (In Russian).



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