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The evolution of municipal government in Russia: from the middle of the 19th to the present day


The aim of study is to consider the issues of modification of municipal authorities and their functions from time to time of their formal creation under the reign of Emperor Alexander II to the present state. In the course of the work, the main stages of reform were identified, an analytical study was carried out using axiomatic and deductive scientific methods, during which both negative and positive aspects of the activities of municipal authorities in a particular period of the history of the state were discovered, an assessment was made of the problems and prospects of today's state of the municipalities. The results of the research are promising for studying and analyzing the principles of local self-government in a temporary context, since it is obvious that today this branch of government is experiencing protracted and regressive crisis, which often has not happened before.


The evolution of municipal government in Russia: from the middle of the 19th to the present day

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1. Kurganov N.A. Sluzhba v organakh mestnogo upravleniya i samoupravleniya Rossiyskoy imperii: organizatsionno-pravovyye aspekty [Service in local authorities and self-government of the Russian empire: organizational and legal aspects]. Filosofiya prava – Philosophy of Law, 2014, no. 4, pp. 110-114. (In Russian). 2. Ivanova A.I. Zemstvo v Rossii nachala XX v.: reformatorskaya deyatel’nost’ P.A. Stolypina kak osnova sovremennoy rossiyskoy sistemy mestnogo sa-moupravleniya [Zemstvo in Russia in the beginning of the 20th century: reformist activity of P.A. Stolypin as the base for the modern Russian system of local self-government]. Nauchnyye trudy Severo-Zapadnogo instituta upravleniya RANKhiGS [Scientific Papers of the Northwestern Institute of Management RANEPA], 2014, no. 5, pp. 192-198. (In Russian). 3. Mityayeva O.I. P.A. Stolypin i razvitiye zemstva [P.A. Stolypin and the development of zemstvo]. Vestnik Moskovskogo universiteta. Seriya 12: Politicheskiye nauki – The Journal Moscow University Bulletin. Series 12. Political Science, 2015, no. 6, pp. 17-26. (In Russian). 4. Ganina O.Y., Chikhladze L.T. Evolyutsiya zakonodatel’nogo regulirovaniya pravovogo statusa organov mestnogo samoupravleniya v Rossii v XX – nachale XXI v. [Evolution of legislative regulation of the legal status of local self-government in Russia in the 20th – early 21th century]. Vestnik Moskovskogo universiteta MVD Rossii – Vestnik of Moscow University of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, 2020, no. 6, pp. 40-46. (In Russian). 5. Uporov I.V. Predstavitel’nyye organy na nizhnem urovne publichno-vlastnykh otnosheniy v sovetskom gosudarstve i v sovremennoy Rossii [Representative authorities at the lower level of public-authority relations in the soviet state and in modern Russia]. Nauchnyy zhurnal «Diskurs» [Discourse Scientific Journal], 2019, no. 3, pp. 173-181. (In Russian).



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Historical sciences

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