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Changes in the mechanism of consumer protection


The article is devoted to the main issues of changing the mechanism for protecting the rights of consumers of financial services, and problems related to its protection. The true content of financial services provided by professional participants of the financial market is revealed. The main directions in the development of behavioral supervision of activities carried out by financial market participants in the Russian Federation are presented, as well as ways of violating the rights of consumers of these services have been identified. The methods of modification by the Bank of Russia of the mechanism of protection of consumer rights are proposed.


Bank of Russia, consumer protection, behavioral supervision, financial services, financial market, financial commissioner

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1 Veys E.V. Otsenka i razvitiye chelovecheskogo kapitala regiona v usloviyakh tsifrovoy transformatsii: avtoref. dis. ... kand. ekon. nauk [Estimation and Devel-opment of Human Capital of the Region in the Conditions of Digital Transformation. Cand. econ. sci. diss. abstr.]. Belgorod, 2021, 24 p. (In Russian).



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Economics and management

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