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On the issue of the legal delimitation of the competences of public authorities and local self-government bodies


The purpose of this study is to analyze the competences for the interaction of state authorities and local municipalities in order to identify controversial aspects, expressed in legal terms in the sphere of delineation of territorial administration. In the course of the work, an analytical study of the legal powers of the federal government, the authorities of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation and local self-governments was carried out using axiomatic and deductive scientific methods, during which some omissions of a rule-making nature were identified that negatively affect the implementation of the effective activities of municipal authorities . These problems were formulated and analyzed in the text of the work, which, in turn, can become a starting point for further, more in-depth research in the context of the normative settlement of the delimitation of authorities in Russia and become a significant reason for reforming the entire legal framework of the Russian Federation in the future.


delimitation of power, municipality, state power, regulatory nature, legal framework of the Russian Federation

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