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Distilling as a factor of modernization of large-landlords economy in pre-revolutionary Russia


The features of the production of vodka and spirits by large landlords on the territory of the Central Chernozem region and a number of adjacent counties in the late 19th – early 20th century are analyzed. State measures to support noble distilling are characterized as an important element of economic relations between landlords and peasants. These forms of support included, first of all, changes in taxation, as well as preferential lending to nobles. It is shown that the construction of new distilleries had a positive impact on the economy of private estates and the incomes of landlords, while at the same time having a negative impact on the way of life and standard of living of the peasant population, who got drunk and, as a result, worked worse on the land.


landlord economy, distilling, rationalization, agriculture, Russian Empire, central Chernozem region

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Historical sciences

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