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Czecho-Slovak Corps between two revolutions


We examine the Czech-Slovak Corps in 1917. The military and political forces of the Czech national liberation movement by the beginning of 1917 are analyzed. The assessment of the attempts of the Russian government to subjugate Czech societies in Russia is given. The reaction of Czech leaders to the February revolution is considered. Relationship between new government and Czech politicians in Russia is looked. The further development of Czech units and the creation of the Czech-Slovak Corps in the summer of 1917 have analyzed. The reasons for this decision have been studied, as well as the impact of the Battle of Zborov on this. Besides, the topic of the relations of Czech societies with the Bolsheviks and the reaction to the October Revolution is touched upon.


Austria-Hungary, Czechs, Zborov, Czech-Slovak Corps, First World War, February Revolution, October Revolution

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Historical sciences

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