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Sholokhov study. Materials to encyclopedia


The workers of World Literature Institute named after A.M. Gorkiy RAS and scientists of other centers and Universaties completed the of “Sholokhov encyclopedia”. It presented itself the first and unique experience of science about Sholokhov in conceptual encyclopedic description of life and work scientist of Russian literature. The publication of the work will be in the middle of 2013. For the fundamental article “Sholokhov study” writing the Doctors of Philology, Professors of TSU named after G.R. Derzhavin L.V. Polyakova and N.V. Sorokina were invited. During the work the authors collected, systemized a huge material and explained the presentations about evolution of home Sholokhov study during 1924–2012. “Tambov University Review” offers to the readers the whole variant of the research.


home school of Sholokhov study; systematization of scientific knowledge; periodization; achievements and discoveries; discussion questions; tasks and perspectives

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