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Technology of ritual complex study (based on the example of kupalsky rite)


At the moment the spiritual culture of Russian people, which keeps the experience of many generations is studied. According to this the aim is development of technology of rite study, collection and classification of information based on the example of kupalsky rite. The stages of study of rite, the model of ritual complex convenient for reading and understanding of all structure of ritual complex and its semantic obligation are discussed. Besides, the ritual lexicon and the name of the holiday are reviewed. The study of attributive lexicon of rite assists to full representation of all study technolog. The semantic raw is added by territorial suppositions of which were dependent the characters in this rite and also accompanying elements and the structure and rite strategy. Thus, this technology helps to show how interesting, original and emotional every ritual process is. The data collected during this study prove the structure and tell about existence of this ritual complex. Thus, this technology may be used for studying every ritual complex that promotes the deeper understanding of way of life, beliefs, singularity, individuality of folklore material of ancient Slavs.


rite; study technology; spiritual culture; collection and classification of information

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Theory and history of culture

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