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Peculiarities of essay genre in fiction (based on K.G. Paustovsky’s idiolect)


An analysis of essay genre based on K.G. Paustovsky’s individual literary style is presented. Some basic definitions of an essay as an independent literary genre are given. In addition, some of the peculiarities and features of this genre, which are in organization of the character (the bearer of author’s sufferings – in literature) and organization of live personality (self-suffering – in the genre of essay) are presented. The peculiarities of the author’s idiolect are revealed, the primary stages of Paustovsky’s essay writing are traced. There was changed not only the content of outlines and articles, but their literal aspect. The “Core” of K.G. Paustovsky’s creative work was the thought that knowledge let picture the reality deeper and more accurately. It is marked, that K.G. Paustovsky’s decline from “right” publicism into the artistic prose is explained by his aim to tell about the nature in his own manner that was more appropriate for his lyrical talent. He wrote only about things that he loved with passion – native land and amazing people, living on it. The results of this study show that Paustovsky’s works do not fall into any particular genre category which proves the author’s unique literary style.


idiolect; essay; individual scope of concepts; literary publicistics

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Studies of literature

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